Container Business
Radix has established a close relationship with many shipping companies around the world and we provide comprehensive and customized services to serve fast and safe transportation services.
We also provide customized services by handling special containers such as Reefer, Open Top, and Flat Rack as well as 20, 40 feet Standard Dry Container and 40 Feet HC (HIGH CUBE).
Container type

  • Dry Container

  • Reefer Container

  • Open Top Container

  • Flat Rack Container
Tank Business (Chemicals / Hazardous goods)
We possess tank containers for various liquids including various grades of hazardous liquids, special tank containers for high pressure gas, cryogenic liquefied gas and semiconductors.
We also provide consulting services, especially for transporting liquid cargo, and suggest the most effective business model through tank production and leasing.
  • Liquids, Gases, Special cargo
    ( Non-Hazardous / Hazardous goods)
    By using tank containers, we transport liquids,
    gases in bulk sophisticatedly and safely.
  • Technical consulting for
    tank container transportation.
    In case you need to transport liquids that is
    not available with tank lorry or difficult to handle,
    we support consulting on these.
  • Tank container leasing
    and manufacturing
    We support you to create the most competitive
    business model if you want to use
    your tank containers for a long period
    or if you need dedicated tanks.
Benefits of Tank Containers

    Produced and managed according to international safety standards, inspected by global classification companies regularly.
    Almost no risks of leakages or contamination. Strong in external environmental changes with SUS material.


    Easy to store liquids. Can be used as a container for sensitive or hazardous liquids.


    Compared with other packing methods, tank container can be used as container itself. No costs to purchase, manage, store and dispose of packages, as well as less labor costs.


    Maximizing work efficiency by reducing the time for liquid loading and discharging.


    Less environmental impact of product spillage and leakage and empty packages disposal.


Standard ISO Tank

ISO-Tank is a tank container which is built to the ISO standard (International Organization for Standardization). ISO tanks are designed to carry liquids in bulk, both hazardous and non-hazardous. ISO tanks are built to the ISO standard, the frame which the cylindrical tank sits in measures 20FT general container standard. It can be used without any problems in IMDG, CTC, IIR, SNCF, AAR600, CSC and so on as it has to be strictly certified by international standards organization IMO (International Maritime Organization) and ISO (International Standard Organization) .

Baffle Tank

The difference with STANDARD ISO-TANK is that it can reduce the minimum load
to 70% of the standard. A valve is installed inside the tank to reduce shaking,
so that the product in the tank can be restrained from moving.
It is divided into three connected spaces inside and there are three manholes at the top.

Electrical Heating Tank

Tank containers with electric heating systems are used to maintain the proper temperature or to transport liquid chemicals with characteristic that solidify at low temperatures.
It is mainly used for transporting liquids that are sensitive to temperature change, because it supplies heat inside the tank, which enables efficient heat distribution.

Hydrogen Peroxide Tank (industry, semiconductor purpose)

A special tank for hydrogen peroxide is equipped with a BREATHING VALVE at the top, which automatically adjusts the internal pressure generated by oxidation inside the tank. (Including additional safety device RUPTURE DISC) The difference from the STANDARD ISO-TANK is that there is no bottom valve on the bottom for safety reasons, and this tank only ships with hydrogen peroxide.

Gas Tank

This tank is used for liquefied gases and designed to be able to carry gases safely while maintaining the vacuum state and the high pressure at the same time but maintaining the temperature below the vaporization point. Liquefied gaseous products are always subject to danger of explosion and must be used with a tank suitable for the endurance of the product.

Multi-modal Transport
We carry out in-land transportation, rail transportation and international maritime transportation in Korea,
as well as DOOR-TO-DOOR logistics service to final destinations of various countries around the world.
Customs Clearance
We provide one-stop service of customs procedures that are essential for the import and export of goods.
We provide smooth and speedy customs clearance service in any environment with experience and know-how dealing with various products to support customer's efficient business operation.
We offer storage of chemical products in tank containers or other packages in logistics warehouses close to major ports and industrial complexes in Korea to support customers’ various delivery terms and provide total solutions for storing, packing, drum filling and transporting.
Trading Consulting
With an accumulation of experience and knowledge, we offer a transportation model that fits the characteristics of our customers.
We also try to meet different customers’ needs through differentiated consulting of our experts in trade business area.
Other services
  • Flexibag Disposal : We provide Flexibag disposal services that must be operated by local regulations after non-hazardous liquid cargo or liquid food cargo has been discharged.
  • Application for Dangerous Goods Cargo Inspection: In order to export dangerous goods, we take charge of application service for dangerous goods inspection that must be carried out. Through various kinds of hazardous materials handling know-how, we minimize pre-preparation time and cost, enable customers to work efficiently.
  • Import & Export Cargo Insurance Application: Based on our long experience with global insurance companies, we can help you get the best import and export cargo insurance you need.